What is a Mason?

Masons are men who voluntarily asked to join a lodge. They were accepted because they were good men who believe in God and hold high ethical and moral ideals. They go to meetings which they call the lodge, in order to learn and to teach what 'friendship, morality, and truth really involve, and to practice on a small scale the reality of brotherhood. They also have meetings open to their wives, children, and friends where they promote an understanding of the serious nature of the Fraternity by entertainment and sociability. Practical programs for charity and relief are planned and executed. The special kinship they feel for each other as a brotherhood is their deepest satisfaction.

Masonry is open to all men who are aged 21 years or older. There is a saying that goes, "If you are waiting to be asked to become a Mason, you will die waiting." We are not allowed to solicit members, so that the decision to become a Mason will be yours and yours alone, and If it is not something that you wish to remain a part of, you can step back at any time. There is no one who will make you finish.

What does the slogan at the top mean by "Making Good Men Better?" Masonry, contrary to popular belief, is not a social club for the "right people" to get into that only looks after the "right people." It is our hope that those who come through the doors of the Lodge better themselves through our beliefs and tenants. Our rituals are steeped in the scriptures, and teach morality, honor, and a desire for. These are characteristics that any man should strive for. We, as Masons, do not want people who will not embody these virtues. A convicted felon, someone known for spousal abuse, etc., would not be eligible. But in Masonry, a beggar stands beside a king as equals. We know no race, creed, color, or economic status within our doors.

Source: http://users.marshall.edu/~will2/freemasonry.html

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If you are interested in being a Mason contact the Cobia Lodge Secretary.

Wade Ridout
130 South 6th St.
Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Phone: 712-355-1700
Email: secretary@cobia631.org